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Simple Tips to Improve Your At-Home Dental Routine

The dentists at Wylie Dental Care can never underestimate the importance of visiting our office regularly for professional teeth cleanings and examinations. Taking the time to do so will protect your smile from gum disease and other preventable dental health conditions. Additionally, professional screenings will allow your dentist to detect issues with your jaw, bones… Read More »

Wylie Dental Care: Are Dental Implants for You?

By and large, no one exactly wants to talk about their missing teeth. Apart from its negative effects to one’s self-esteem and others’ perception of one’s self, unattended missing teeth could actually lead to tooth shifting resulting to further deterioration of your gums and bones which make up your oral cavity. Dr. Charles Wylie is… Read More »

Choosing your Glen Dale Cosmetic Dentist

Substantial experience, extensive training, and a gentle approach are the trio of factors to mainly consider when trying to find a Glendale cosmetic dentist whom you can trust. Below is a list of things to keep in mind when selecting a cosmetic dentist. Training and Experience Both training and experience should be top on your list.… Read More »

Welcome to Wylie Dental Care

A combination of relaxed atmosphere and  high quality care awaits for you at the Wylie Dental Care clinic.  At Wylie Dental, every individual is unique and each appointment is treated by the highly-competent staff as an opportunity to help you in any possible way in achieving that smile and image you’ve always wanted. For your… Read More »

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