Restore their Smile with Cosmetic and Reconstructive Bridgework

Dental Bridges  Wheeling, WVDr. Charles L. Wylie and the team at Wylie Dental Care in Glen Dale, WV encourage patients to book an appointment at the office when they are faced with the loss or extraction of a natural adult tooth. Replacement options vary from patient to patient, but there are many times in which patients will benefit from bridgework for restoring the smile’s function and appearance.

What is a dental bridge?

The staff at Wylie Dental Care describe a dental bridge as a porcelain restoration that is custom-made for a patient to replace one or more teeth in a row. It is a more affordable solution than dental implants while being more permanent than a partial denture. Dental bridges require a false tooth called a pontic, fused to dental crowns on each side for bonding onto the adjacent teeth. These restorations can restore the function of the smile by “bridging the gap” when teeth are extracted or lost form within the dental arch.

Is a dental bridge right for me?

Patients in the area of Glen Dale, WV who are interested in replacing missing teeth are encouraged to book a consultation appointment with their dentist to find out if they are a proper candidate for this or other tooth replacement solutions. Any patient who has healthy adjacent teeth that can be prepared as a support for the bridge may find that dental bridges are a viable option for their consideration.

How long will a dental bridge last?

Bridges are made with high quality porcelain at a dental laboratory and are fabricated to match the patient’s natural tooth color, shape, and size. With proper care, patients with bridges will be able to enjoy their restorations for upwards of ten years.

Interested in bridgework solutions for your smile?

Now is the perfect time to connect with Dr. Charles Wylie of Wylie Dental Care to discuss your options. Call the office at (304) 845-2480 and visit the practice at 1589 Wheeling Avenue. We welcome new and existing families into our dental facility for comprehensive dental care and solutions for restoring the smile after tooth loss, including dental bridges.

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