Using bridgework to replace missing teeth within the smile

Dental Bridges Wheeling, WVThe team of Wylie Dental Care are here to assist patients in the area of Glen Dale, WV with their oral health care needs. When concerns such as tooth loss occur, it is important that patients work with a dentist such as Dr. Charles L. Wylie to learn about the options available for replacement. Replacement can occur with a number of different treatments including bridgework.

What are dental bridges?

Dental bridges are restorations that are made in a dental practice as a way of replacing missing teeth. These restorations are made from ceramic, a material that closely resembles the natural tooth structure, and are long-lasting and effective in restoring function and beauty to the smile. Dental bridges do require that patients have adjacent teeth that can readily support their new restoration, as these are used to anchor each end of the bridge into place. These restorations are used in replacing one or more teeth within the dental arch, ensuring patients can enjoy their favorite foods and speak properly, while showing off a smile free from tooth loss.

What are the advantages of bridgework?

Bridgework is a great “middle of the road” alternative for patients who are seeking ways to replace missing teeth. Bridgework is more permanent than a partial denture, but less expensive than a dental implant. In many instances, patients who have dental insurance plans may be able to greatly reduce the cost of their restoration by applying their benefits. Bridgework is permanently bonded in place, eliminating the need to remove and care for the bridge, though patients should pay close attention to brushing and flossing their bridge. Patients with bridges should also visit their dentist regularly for examinations and x-rays to monitor the health of the teeth underneath the bridge, as these teeth are still susceptible to periodontal disease and cavities.

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At Wylie Dental Care, we welcome patients in and around the community of Glen Dale, WV to book a consultation visit with our dentist to learn more about bridgework and other alternatives to tooth replacement available in his state-of-the-art facility. He welcomes new and existing patients into the practice for quality care. Booking an appointment can be done by calling (304) 845-2480 or visiting the office at 1589 Wheeling Avenue.

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