Is it Time for a Visit?

General Dentistry Services Glen Dale, WVDental visits are important to the management of a healthy, attractive smile. We know this. We know you know this. And yet, we also know that it just so happens that dental care is one of the easiest things to forget about. You’re busy! You may have spent the summer getting away any chance you could, gathering with friends and family, and even attending a wedding or two. Now that summer is coming to an end; there are thoughts of school and the impending holiday season that will be here before you know it. This is to say; we get it, you may have forgotten to schedule that checkup and cleaning.

What’s the Big Deal?

Seeing your dentist is a big deal. You could hear all day long that you need dental care to avoid cavities and gum disease. Until there is a problem, though, words of warning have little impact. Here, we want to talk about some of the aspects of those routine checkups that may shed light on why they are so important.

  • Routine exams alert us to habits. What you do in between your visits with your Glen Dale dentist can have a dramatic effect on overall oral health. You may not even realize you are doing harm, but your dentist may notice. Symptoms such as tooth wear or even gum recession may indicate bruxism, a habit of grinding teeth while you sleep. Excessive wear may also tell us that you are consuming a lot of acidic beverages. This information can be used to help us suggest habit changes such as rinsing the mouth out after meals or sipping water throughout the day.
  • We can see what you can’t. One of the advantages of regular dental care is the close observation of anatomical structure using x-ray imaging. We may not immediately see that the slight sensitivity you feel is coming from an inflamed root, but an x-ray will show us what is happening below the gum line.
  • It’s dentistry and then some. An important aspect of every dental exam is the screening that we perform for oral cancer. This includes visual observation of soft tissue inside and around the mouth and manual palpation of soft tissue on the neck. The early detection of oral cancer has been accredited with a decrease in deaths associated with this disease.

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