Be Sympathetic to your Smile this Summer

Teeth Cleanings Glen Dale, WVOnce we can see July 4th on the horizon, something happens. Once the horizon, something happens. We inherently get this urge to get up and get moving, to get out of town and into nature, to into the homes of loved ones in faraway places. Summertime is a splendid time. A time when we tend to sit back and relax more often. When these months involve trips to relatives or amusement parks or beaches, this can create lovely chaos. We say lovely because, well, you’re getting away from the hum-drum monotony of daily living! Chaos, well, we say that because any outing can create unexpected frustrations.

The longer that you are outside of your normal routine, the easier it can be to enter into dangerous tooth territory. Here, we offer a few strategies intended to save your smile no matter where summer takes you.

  • Go fresh. Don’t just go fresh, go crunchy. One of the pitfalls of summertime travel is that we are faced with a plethora of food choices. And not good food choices. Fast food seems easy. That bag of chips meets the need for crunch and texture. And let’s not even talk about all those options for sweets! Your teeth are cringing at the very idea of it! The temptations you meet on your travels can be downgraded if you plan ahead. Fulfill the natural desire for crunch with celery, the inherent craving for sweets with a crunchy apple. These foods cleanse the teeth and support saliva flow, which makes them great road-trip snacks.
  • Go clean. So many choices for what to drink, so little time. Let’s take the confusion out by simplifying drink options. Water. That is what your mouth needs. Un-carbonated, unsweetened, good old fashioned water. Drinking water is especially advantageous after you have had a meal or a snack because it will dislodge debris and gently wash biofilm off of tooth surfaces.
  • Go prepared. Wherever you go, life is easier when you prepare for the unexpected. Regarding your mouth, what we mean is that dirty feeling that tends to develop mid-flight across the country, or when your road trip has taken you to the middle of nowhere. This sensation of dirtiness in the mouth also usually coincides with bad breath. An easy solution for the dirty mouth is to have some mouthwash handy. A simple travel-sized bottle will do. A quick rinse may be all you need to freshen up.

The team at Wylie Dental care wishes you safe and happy travels this summer. To schedule those back-to-school exams and cleanings, call 304-845-2480.

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