Discover the Strength and Beauty of Dental Implants

Thousands of people lose teeth every year due to dental trauma, disease, or tooth decay that requires an extraction. If you are one of these patients, it is incredibly important to quickly repair the gap that is created within your smile. Doing so will help prevent damage or shifting of your nearby, healthy teeth as well as bone erosion in your jaw.

Losing a tooth can be an overwhelming experience, especially in cases of trauma to the mouth. However, you can rest assured that there are a number of options available to recreate and restore your beautiful smile.

One of the most popular solutions for replacing your missing tooth is a dental implant. Dental implants offer beautiful solutions that are custom made to match your surrounding, healthy teeth in shape, size and color. Additionally, they are installed with a titanium post that acts much like your natural tooth. Dental implants are rooted into your jaw and gum line, creating a new “tooth” those functions as strongly as your natural tooth.

Unlike bridges or partial dentures, dental implants will not shift when you eat or push your tongue up against your device. This makes the device more comfortable and you more confident in your dental repair. You’ll likely forget you even have a dental implant, and no one else will ever know.

If you have lost a tooth and are ready to restore your smile, contact Wylie Dental Care today to learn more about dental implants.

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