The Tools You May Want to Have After Dental Implant Treatment

Dental Implants Wheeling, WVDental implants provide a lasting solution to missing teeth. There is even more value in this restorative procedure than regaining tooth structure. When dental implants are introduced into the mouth, they are there to fulfill the role of roots. As we have learned through practical experience, there is more to tooth replacement than tooth replacement; roots are a vital aspect of long-term stability and function. We are so happy to have the opportunity to help patients feel like themselves again after tooth loss. Dental implants allow us to do that.

If you’ve been considering dental implants to replace missing or failing teeth, we are going to guess you’ve found more than a little information regarding the benefits of this treatment. Once you undergo treatment, you get to enjoy all those benefits for life as long as you take good care of your teeth and gums. What we’d like to discuss here is how you can do that with the right tools in your medicine cabinet.

Oral Care Hacks for Dental Implant Patients

  1. Get an electric toothbrush. Your manual toothbrush may work fine, but studies suggest that the vibration of an electric or sonic toothbrush may do a better job of removing debris before plaque can form.
  2. Get a flossing tool. Flossing is vital to any oral care program, even for the person with artificial teeth and roots. Sometimes, it can be difficult to get a string of floss through that very back space between the molars. A flossing tool can help with this. This small instrument is also convenient because it holds the floss for you, so you don’t have to secure a small string between your fingers.
  3. Use a water irrigator. Oral irrigation with water may not replace manual flossing, but it can complement it.  An antibacterial solution such as grapefruit seed extract can be diluted in the water reservoir of an oral irrigator to deliver health-giving benefits to the gums.

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