Taking the Stress out of Seasonal Holidays

dental care Glen Dale WVThe holiday season started several weeks ago, pretty much as soon as the trick-or-treaters were tucked into their beds. Now you may find yourself knee-deep in festivities, decorating, dinner parties, and strolls through the mall. All of the hustle and bustle of the Winter holidays is the stuff of favorite holiday songs. It’s also a great source of unexpected stress for many of us. As you make your way through this busy month, we encourage you to take time out as you need. It may not seem likely, but the additional (albeit joyful) stress of the holiday season could actually lead to some unexpected dental concerns.

How the Grind Affects your Smile

The holidays may be fun and fulfilling, but there are times when the daily grind of working, shopping, gathering, cooking, and wrapping may become slightly overwhelming. Our tendency is to tough it out and look at the silver lining of the season. However, while we sleep, the stress we carry may be worked out through teeth grinding or jaw clenching. No one wants a cracked tooth or sore jaw for a holiday gift!

Reducing stress around the holidays may seem like a monumental task. When you’re busy purchasing the perfect gifts and planning for all those holiday parties, who has time to take up yoga or meditation? The good news is you don’t have to go to such great lengths. Stress management comes down to self-care, and self-care could mean a lot of different things.

Taking care of your stress levels throughout the holiday season could involve any number of short, meaningful activities. You may love a morning or evening walk, where you can reflect on nothing but nature. You might tune into your favorite playlist while cooking dinner or wrapping gifts. Perhaps you can find time during your lunch hour to read that book you’ve been looking forward to. Self-care is very personal. It looks different for all of us. That is what makes it so effective!

The team at Wylie Dental Care wishes our patients and their families a joyful, healthy holiday season. Contact us at 304-845-2480 to get your smile party-ready.


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