A Quick Look at Tooth Extraction Procedure in Glen Dale

Anyone who has experienced tooth extraction before will be able to easily give us a breakdown of the processes involved in this procedure. It’s pretty straight-forward.

The dentist or oral surgeon performs the tooth extraction. A local anesthetic is injected to the area where the tooth will be removed. This will numb the area making the extraction less or not painful to the patient.

Once anesthetic has been administered, the dentist will then proceed with the extraction of the tooth or teeth. After the successful extraction, the dentist will pack a gauze pad in to the socket. This will be done to help inhibit the bleeding along with the natural clotting of the patient’s gum.

This is the standard Tooth Extraction Procedure. However, the dentist or oral surgeon performs the extraction a little differently depending on the reason for the tooth extraction or the number of tooth to be extracted.

On some cases, when removing more than one tooth or if the tooth to be extracted is impacted, the dentist may use a general anesthetic which will make the patient sleep throughout the procedure.

On impacted tooth, the dentist may need to cut away gum and bone tissues that cover the tooth to allow extraction. After the extraction, the dentist will stitch the cut area usually using a self-dissolving thread. In instances, when tooth is difficult to remove, the tooth needs to be taken out in pieces.

There are different extraction procedures that need to be followed depending on the patient’s need. Wylie Dental Care has years of experience and expertise in this tooth-care procedure so you will be taken good care of. Call us know at 304-845-2480 and schedule a consultation today.

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