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  • Posted on: Nov 30 2014
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Michael Larsson pixabayAs medical and dental care has become more advanced and more aware of the spread of contagious diseases, the use of latex gloves is also on the rise. Typically, this is appreciated by patients and serves as an important barrier to the spread of infectious disease. However, as patients have been exposed to more latex, more and more patients have developed allergic reactions to the substance. Some even react to latex as an airborne substance and not just through direct skin contact.

Because dental care involves not only the protection against disease but also contact with sensitive tissues of the mouth and face, the professionals at Wylie Dental Care are extra careful to manage any potential allergic reactions our patients may experience as a result of their treatment. We are happy to stock gloves and other protective products that are free of latex in order to make your dental visit as comfortable as possible.

Latex can be found in many products outside of gloves, including toys, balloons, rubber bands, cleaning supplies and condoms. If you have recently started to notice any trouble breathing, contact dermatitis or rashes, low blood pressure, hives, nausea, or have suffered anaphylactic shock after coming in contact with latex – you are likely allergic and should be evaluated by a physician right away.

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