How to Choose the Dental Floss that is Right for You

ID-10080286Have you ever heard of dental tape? Do you know what a water flosser is or how it works? There are countless at-home dental care products on the market today and dental floss is no exception. The professional dentists and dental hygienists at Wylie Dental Care are always happy to recommend products that may improve our patients’ at-home care routine.

If you believe that your regular floss is not longer cutting it, consider one of these innovative flossing products to take your smile to the next level of clean:

  • Dental tape – a twist on regular waxed floss, dental tape is flat and wide, making it less likely to shred or bunch in between tightly spaced or crooked teeth.
  • Super Floss – a brand name floss that is great for patients who wear braces, Super Floss combines regular waxed floss with a thick spongy floss that make cleaning between brackets and wires easier than ever before.
  • Individual flossers – these disposable products make cleaning your teeth after lunch or snacking a breeze, even when away from home.
  • Water flossers – also knowns as Waterpiks, these devices do not replace the health benefits of flossing but do add an extra level of clean by blasting hard to reach places with cleansing streams of water.

If you would like more information regarding purchasing dental floss or any other dental care product, contact Wylie Dental Care for tips and recommendations today.

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