Need a Filling? Let’s Talk Composites!

Dental FillingsBeing told that you need a filling can feel stressful. Then, if you were to imagine having a dark spot in your smile due to that filling, the stress may be compounded. The time in which we live is marked with a strong desire to look good at all times, and to look natural, too. This means that dark spots in the smile have no value whatsoever. Fortunately, dental science has met consumer demand for aesthetically pleasing restorations. We are no longer limited to outdated methods, such as restoring cavities with amalgam fillings.

“Silver, Shmilver

To describe an amalgam filling as a silver filling is quite misleading. The reason that this description was common for so long had nothing to do with the inclusion of silver in the actual filling material (there is very little to speak of), and much more to do with the initial color of the filling itself. At first, and perhaps for a year or more, an amalgam filling does look silver. This shade was perceived more lifelike than gold, which had previously been the norm. Over time, though, the oxidation of amalgam causes the material to darken. Who has time for that! Today, a large majority of dentists are offering tooth-colored fillings for lasting, lifelike restorations.

Advantages of tooth-colored fillings include:

  • Color-matching. The composite filling material is made in a wide variety of shades. Most patients never notice the filling once it is placed because the shade perfectly matches surrounding enamel.
  • Composite fillings, made of plastic and quartz, are held in place via a chemical bond. This allows us to restore the structure to the tooth in the most conservative manner.
  • The chemical bonding of the filling also facilitates long-term durability.
  • The putty-like substance hardens immediately under the light, which makes the filling structurally sound before you leave our office. Amalgams cannot be used for chewing for at least 24 hours after placement. At that, it takes up to 2 weeks for the material to harden completely.

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