An Older Smile can be a Healthy Smile

General Dentistry Moundsville, WVHistorically, growing older has come with more than a few frustrations. Our aversion to aging is represented in the development of the medical and aesthetic treatments that are common today. Whether you are 40 or you are 80, there are multiple ways that you can age better, from injectable wrinkle reducers to fitness programs tailored to your needs. Another aspect of health and wellness that needs to be personalized is oral care. Here, we want to discuss how seniors can continue to enjoy a healthy, radiant smile as they age.

Roadblocks to Success

The way to prevent oral disease (which has also been linked to general health conditions like heart disease), we are told that we must brush and floss daily. Brushing morning and night shortens the span of time during which plaque can accumulate in the mouth. Flossing before bed removes hidden debris and bacteria before the time during which accumulation may be most likely. These habits are the building blocks of success. For seniors, they can feel more like roadblocks.

There are multiple ways in which the body changes as we age. One of them is that our joints might feel stiff and achy. When this affects our hands, dexterity is likely to decline. Holding a toothbrush and dental floss between the fingers can become increasingly difficult, ultimately affecting the success of oral hygiene. In addition to losing our ability to sufficiently brush and floss, research suggests that many adults also become more prone to plaque buildup with age. This is a one-two punch to oral health that needs to be addressed. With adequate dental care and strategies for daily hygiene, it is possible for adults of all ages to continue to enjoy a healthy smile.

Upping your Hygiene Game

The strategies for improved oral hygiene are so easy we can all do them. One suggestion is to use an electric toothbrush. This brushing tool rotates independently, alleviating stress on the hands. A flossing stick or water irrigator can also be a valuable change to daily oral care, increasing efficiency to minimize the risk of cavities and gum disease.

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