Signs That You May Need Emergency Dentistry

General Dentistry Services  Glen Dale, WVMost people, at some point, encounter some dental pain. Especially if the pain is intermittent or mild, it is natural to question if discomfort is a big deal or not. From our experience, these minor problems that occur can turn a sharp corner pretty quickly if not properly treated. How do you know if you need to see a dentist sooner rather than later? We’ve accumulated a short list of signs.

  1. This could be a confusing sign to assess. If there is anxiety related to dental care, a person may deny how bad a tooth hurts, even to themselves. It is through dental care, however, that pain can be resolved. It is better to see your dentist for a mild toothache or sensitivity and find that the problem is very small than to wait until it is too late to save the tooth in question.
  2. A tooth has become loose. Of course, there is a time in life when a loose tooth is a marvelous thing. Adulthood is not that time. If the stability of a tooth has diminished, either due to physical injury or for unknown reasons, dental care should be obtained right away. The hidden cause of looseness could be the treatable infection.
  3. You taste metal. A metallic taste in the mouth is not normal even if you have metal amalgam fillings. Many adults do have these “silver fillings,” and have had them since childhood. The longevity of these fillings may come to an end after being in place for several years. When a crack or damage occurs, the mouth may experience that metallic aftertaste for a short time. Prompt treatment to repair the cracked filling can prevent a bad toothache.
  4. Your gums are in pain. Gum disease is a serious problem that we like to treat as quickly as possible. The sooner that we can get in front of oral bacteria, the greater chance we have of preserving teeth and bone matter. If your gums hurt when you brush or floss, or if they bleed during either of these practices, you are in need of prompt dental care.

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