10 Tips to Heal Quickly After Your Glen Dale Dental Procedure

At Wylie Dental Care, Dr. Charles Wylie and his Glen Dale cosmetic dental staff offer a wide variety of services — from sedation dentistry options to extreme smile makeovers. If you’re already scheduled to have a dental procedure with Dr. Wylie, knowledge on how to speed up the healing process  post-procedure is important.

1. Take your prescribed painkillers immediately after the procedure, especially if you have low tolerance for pain. Preventing pain is easier than actually treating actual pain. The usual painkiller of choice is ibuprofen. Avoid aspirin(a blood thinner) as this could lead to more bleeding. Swelling and tenderness in the affected area is normal for the first few days.

2. Report numbness lasting at least 6 hours from surgery. It’s either this is intentionally done by your doctor by using a longer-lasting anesthetic or need more steroids to help reduce swelling.

3. To deal with bleeding, you will most likely be told to place a cotton gauze on the treated area which needs to be changed every 45 minutes to an hour for the first 8 hours depending on the amount of bleeding.

If the gauze pad and pressure do not control the bleeding, you might want to use a moistened tea bag, fold it in half and bite it down for 30 minutes. The tea’s tannic acid helps stop the bleeding. If you’re still bleeding profusely an hour or two after the procedure, contact Dr. Wylie or any of his staff right away.

4. Avoid exercise, any form of lifting and bending during the first 24 hours post-procedure. When lying down, keep your head up with pillows as much as possible.

5. While you should avoid rinsing your mouth for the first 12 to 24 hours, you need to rinse  your mouth 3 to 4 times a day using a saline solution (warm water and salt) after the first 24 hours post-procedure. Rinse every after meal.

6. Stick to a soft food diet for the first day such as soups, smoothies, fruit shakes, mashed potatoes and yoghurts. Avoid sodas, spicy and hot drinks for the first 3 to 4 days.

7. Follow the prescribed course of your antibiotics.

8. For swelling, bruising and stiffness, apply ice packs for 15 minutes during the first day post-procedure. Afterwards, applying moist heat after 36 hours will greatly reduce the jaw stiffness.

9. Avoid alcohol and smoking for the first 24 to 48 hours.

10. To avoid dislodging the blood clot which has formed on the treated area, avoid spitting, sucking (using straws) and blowing your nose during the first few days.

Dr. Wylie and the rest of the team caters to residents of Glen Dale and the neighboring Ohio Valley region. For your queries or comments, we encourage you to call us at 304-845-2480 to schedule a personal consultation. You can also opt to fill out this contact form. We look forward to providing you with the smile you rightfully deserved!

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