Choosing your Glen Dale Cosmetic Dentist

Substantial experience, extensive training, and a gentle approach are the trio of factors to mainly consider when trying to find a Glendale cosmetic dentist whom you can trust. Below is a list of things to keep in mind when selecting a cosmetic dentist.

Training and Experience
Both training and experience should be top on your list. Find a dentist who has taken postgraduate courses and internships focusing on cosmetic dental procedures such as veneers, teeth whitening, implants, conscious sedation and full mouth reconstruction. Keep in mind that in-depth training is essential for the dentist to learn the most advanced techniques in the cosmetic dentistry field.

On the other hand, your preferred cosmetic dentist should also have solid experience in the field. Cosmetic dentistry is an art and not all general dentists pick up the skill of placing veneers and perfecting the root canal process. By and large, dentists who have done hundreds and thousands of cosmetic dental procedures will most likely lend their expertise and experience to your smile makeover, too.

Do your research and find the level of cosmetic dentistry experience of your preferred dentist.

Excellent Communication Skills and Caring Attitude
Your cosmetic dentist should be like a friend to you. Most cosmetic dental procedures often take more than one session and you need someone whom you can easily talk to and genuinely listens to your needs, preferences, and feelings of anxiety.

Your dentist should be able to patiently listen to what exactly it is that you want before diagnosing, formulating and recommending an individualized appropriate treatment plan.

Sophisticated Artistic Eye
Cosmetic dentistry is an art. Your cosmetic dentist should be meticulous in his craftsmanship, accurate in the evaluation of your needs and accurate in the execution of the treatment plan. For optimum results, your dentist should be able to determine what is artistically appropriate for you.

Before and After Photos
You might also want to ask for before and after photos of cases similar to yours from your preferred dentist. A highly experienced dentist may have many photos for you to review.

Other important factors to consider include pricing, a level of comfort, clinic location and schedule, and the extent of technology being utilized by the dentist.

Dr. Wylie and the rest of the team cater to residents of Glen Dale and the neighboring Ohio Valley region. For your questions or comments, we encourage you to call us at 304-845-2480 to schedule a personal consultation. You can also opt to fill out this contact form. We look forward to providing you with the smile you rightfully deserve!

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