Straighter Teeth, Better Health

Orthodontics Wheeling, WVStraight teeth are an asset because they present us in a good light. According to studies, we tend to notice how straight other people’s teeth are and how bright they are. Within seconds, we observe these characteristics and form our initial opinion based on them. It’s fascinating that the brain works in such a way. Understanding this, many people visit their dentist to correct misalignment and discoloration. In regards to orthodontic treatment, there are additional benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked.

At the same time that research is indicating the social and professional value of an attractive smile, studies are also proving that our smile affects general health and wellness. Specifically, the presence of plaque and inflammation in the mouth has been associated with several troubling health conditions, including cardiac events. From this perspective, we can see how orthodontic treatment is also supportive of longevity and wellness.

What straight teeth do for your health:

  • Straight teeth clean up well. We can only brush and floss as well as our teeth allow. When there are small spaces where the toothbrush can’t reach, there is a better chance for plaque and tartar to accumulate. Overlapping and crooked teeth are more susceptible to decay. The gums around crowded teeth are more prone to inflammation and infection, two primary factors in potentially severe health conditions.
  • Straight teeth are stronger. Having straight teeth can mean that structure is better protected because the force of chewing is dispersed across multiple teeth rather than settling on just a few. Misalignment often coincides with excessive wear on teeth that are receiving more of the impact of biting and chewing.
  • Straight teeth support facial structure. This is not a cosmetic issue; it is a functional issue. The brain expects teeth to meet when we bite and chew. If they don’t the brain corrects this issue by adjusting the way the jaw moves. People whose bite is misaligned experience more stress in the temporomandibular joints than those whose teeth are straight. Better alignment means less stress which means improved comfort in the jaw, face, head, and neck.

There are several advantages to a straight smile. To discuss your orthodontic treatment, call our Glen Dale office at 304-845-2480.

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