Root Canal Wheeling WV

Straight Talk about Root Canal Therapy

The root canal. It’s possibly the only dental treatment that most people would shy away from. Sure, there may be slight apprehension about getting a filling or crown; but root canal therapy is somewhat notorious. It is considered an incredibly unpleasant experience, according to jokes, stories, and well-meaning comedy skits. The thing is, all this… Read More »

General Dentistry Moundsville, WV

An Older Smile can be a Healthy Smile

Historically, growing older has come with more than a few frustrations. Our aversion to aging is represented in the development of the medical and aesthetic treatments that are common today. Whether you are 40 or you are 80, there are multiple ways that you can age better, from injectable wrinkle reducers to fitness programs tailored… Read More »

Teeth Whitening Glen Dale, WV

Teens Want Whiter Teeth, Too!

We all recognize the beauty of a brilliantly white smile. We love to see them, and we want to have one for ourselves. This desire for aesthetic beauty is reflected in the popularity of teeth whitening as a professional cosmetic treatment. Adults of all ages have been seeing their dentist for teeth whitening for years,… Read More »

General Dentistry Services Glen Dale, WV

Is it Time for a Visit?

Dental visits are important to the management of a healthy, attractive smile. We know this. We know you know this. And yet, we also know that it just so happens that dental care is one of the easiest things to forget about. You’re busy! You may have spent the summer getting away any chance you… Read More »

Dental Implants Wheeling, WV

Pave Your Way To Dental Implant Success

It wasn’t all that long ago when a hefty percentage of our ancestors went about their days with no teeth. Tooth loss among middle-aged adults was incredibly common back in the early 1900s. Today, there is a widespread perception that we needn’t worry much about losing our permanent teeth. This perception could lead us exactly… Read More »

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