Don’t Be Afraid!

If it’s been a while since you’ve visited the dentist and the thought of it has your tummy in knots, relax. At Wylie Dental Care, we specialize in Sedation Dentistry, which uses medication to help our patients relax during dental procedures. One of the ways we accomplish sedation dentistry is with Nitrous Oxide – also… Read More »

Crown Your Smile At Wylie Dental Care

Selfies and family photo-shoots aren’t as amazing as they could be if you are missing a tooth – especially if it’s a front tooth. Chances are, you aren’t smiling much. And because your smile is one of the first things people notice about you, it makes perfect sense to consider a dental crown as a… Read More »

Root Canal Therapy Is No Big Deal – Really!

The terrible jokes about root canals of the past were more than likely closer to fact than fiction. But today’s revolutionary advances in sedation dentistry and dental technique ensure that there is little, if any, pain involved with a root canal. Teeth can be saved and treated with root canal therapy in a few visits… Read More »

  • Posted on: Apr 15 2016
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Your Children Are Watching You As They Form Their Dental Habits

Wylie Dental Care offers many types of restorative dental procedures – dentures, implants, crowns, veneers and whitening procedures – each of them designed to restore or repair the appearance of your teeth. Your teeth are designed to last a lifetime. However, the lack of proper dental care can lead to damaged or lost teeth. If… Read More »

  • Posted on: Mar 30 2016
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Spring Clean Your Dental “Tool Chest”

Winter is almost over and it’s time for spring cleaning…your house, your car, your closet…and your dental “tool chest.” An artist or musician is only as good as his or her tools and good dental hygiene is no different. Your tools matter. Change up your toothbrush…especially if you had a cold or flu last season.… Read More »

  • Posted on: Mar 15 2016
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We Can Make Your Next Dental Visit Calm And Comfortable

It’s sad but true…many people completely avoid dental visits. This may be because they have long-standing fears originating from a traumatizing childhood dental experience or it may be because of a fear of pain or needles. Whatever the reason, if you are one of the fearful, avoiding regular dental visits and cleanings can cause problems…not… Read More »

  • Posted on: Feb 28 2016
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Smile – It’s Totally In Your Best Interest – Every Single Day!

Brush, rinse, floss and visit your dentist twice a year. These are the well-known and well-written about basics of good dental care and they are a dental health “given.” Why not add these 6 things to those “givens”…and maintain the brightest, whitest, happiest smile ever: Munch On Crunchy Foods. Eating crunchy, firm, crisp foods like… Read More »

  • Posted on: Feb 15 2016
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Consider Dentures And Get The Smile You Deserve

Put your best face forward! Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you, and if you aren’t smiling, you aren’t making important personal connections. Your teeth can be a great self-esteem booster…or a self-esteem deflater. For these reasons, dealing with decayed or missing teeth can be daunting. A time-honored treatment for… Read More »

  • Posted on: Jan 30 2016
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Bruxism – The 411

Stress is a part of life and can manifest itself in many ways. We look for ways to relieve our stress…by walking, meditating, practicing yoga or getting regular exercise. Many people don’t realize that daily stress can manifest in jaw clenching or unconscious teeth grinding. This is a common condition called bruxism which affects approximately… Read More »

  • Posted on: Jan 15 2016
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