Pediatric Dentistry Options

  • Posted on: Jan 30 2015
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shutterstock_176031716Wylie Dental Care is proud to offer complete dentistry services for patients of all ages. There is no reason that every member of your family should not be able to receive services from the same dentist, in the same office. By offering dentistry services for the entire family, including pediatric dentistry, Wylie Dental Care helps save you precious time.

In regards to pediatric dentistry, we focus on the diagnosis and treatment of tooth decay in infants, children and teenagers. We are happy to offer advice regarding dental care but also proper nutrition and at home hygiene to make your child as successful as possible in maintaining his or her oral health.

Children should receive dental care as early as six months or about six months after the first tooth erupts.  When preparing your child for his or her first visit to our office it is important to remain positive at all times. It is also crucial to set a good example for oral health care at home. Children who see their parents brush and floss their teeth are likely to adopt good oral health habits themselves.

Our staff will make your child comfortable during their check-up and gain their trust and confidence.  With your cooperation, we can guarantee that your child’s visit to our clinic is enjoyable and stress-free. Contact us to schedule and appointment today.

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