Treatment for Gum Disease

  • Posted on: Jan 14 2015
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shutterstock_41091811Treatment for gum disease is also known as periodontics and is a unique and specific form of dentistry. Periodontics includes gum disease in its earliest stage – also known as gingivitis, all the way to full periodontal disease.

All dentists receive training in periodontics, and the professionals at the Wylie Dental Group and prepared to offer you effective and safe treatment for even your worst gum disease.  Periodontic treatment may include patient education and home care instruction, root planing, polishing teeth, and in some cases, surgery to graft bone or skin of the gums.

If you are experiencing bleeding gums, loose or shifting teeth, pus near your gumline, swollen or painful gums, bad breath or separation of your teeth from your gums, it is important to seek professional treatment immediately.

Periodontic treatment may be the answer to the problem you are experiencing. Ask your dentist and he or she will be happy to discuss whether periodontic treatment may be helpful to you. Contact Wylie Dental Care to learn more today.

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