Mouth Guards to Protect Your Smile

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Dental patients who are not athletic or that do not participate in high-impact work activities may not be familiar with mouth guards. These dental devices are often worn by athletes such as football players and boxers in order to help prevent damage to the teeth during contact sports.

However, even those dental patient who are not engaged in dangerous contact sports may still benefit from the use of a mouth guard device. Mouth guards are made of a thin plastic material, that when heated, can be fitted to the unique shape of your teeth and mouth to fit snugly to your teeth. Mouth guards are inexpensive and can be purchased from many department stores and almost every sporting goods store. For those who may require a more specialized mouth guard, you may choose to obtain one directly from your dentist.

A mouth guard is an effective and inexpensive way to help prevent nighttime teeth grinding, jaw clenching and other behaviors that can damage teeth. They can also be used to protect costly dental restorations such as porcelain veneers, from damage.

If you believe that a mouth guard may be helpful in meeting your dental care needs contact Wylie Dental Care to learn more today.

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