Cosmetic Bonding Procedure: Quick Solution to Chips and Gaps

Through the efforts of many brilliant and dedicated individuals, modern dentistry has advanced so much that its efficiency and safety are almost always guaranteed from the moment you step inside a dental office. (The presumption here is that you have chosen a bona fide and experienced dentist to treat you.) In the same manner, there are many treatment options now with respect to your particular dental concern and aspiration. For dental issues that involve chipped, gapped, or slightly misaligned teeth,  the widely recognized quick solution is known as dental bonding or cosmetic bonding.

At Wylie Dental Care in Glen Dale (WV), Dr. Charles Wylie can provide you with a beautiful new smile again in just one single visit – through adding a composite resin to an already existing tooth to restore a broken or chipped tooth, to fill in gaps between teeth, and to reshape or re-color your smile. With this procedure, a durable plastic material (made to appear like a real tooth) is bonded hard to the tooth using a special light. It takes around 30 to 60 minutes to administer bonding per tooth. There is no need anymore to send specimen to a dental laboratory.

Understandably, Cosmetic Bonding Procedure will be completed in a single session. Furthermore, it requires the least amount of enamel removal compared with other dental cosmetic procedures and no anesthesia is typically used to perform it. Those advantages aside, bonded tooth is not so durable from breaking off, as well as not much resistant to stain. Dr.  Wylie will help you find out if cosmetic bonding is the ideal remedy to your current dental woes and aesthetic goal.

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