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  • Posted on: Feb 15 2015
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Have you recently lost a tooth due to disease, trauma or tooth decay? Maybe a few weeks, months or years have passed since you lost a tooth? If you have a gap in your smile that has not yet been repaired, it is important to replace the tooth and fill this gap as soon as possible.

Dental defects such as tooth decay, cracks, chips and gum disease can quickly wreck havoc on an otherwise beautiful smile. A missing tooth is no different. Missing teeth in your smile can cause trouble eating and speaking. You may collect more saliva in this area of your mouth, which can be frustrating for patients. Additionally, missing teeth can lead to bone deterioration in the jaw and a loss of facial structure.

shutterstock_51772033When you need restorative dentistry services, it is important to visit a dental office that is not only experienced, but also one that you can trust. With the many options available to restore your smile – there is no need to put off treatment.

For missing teeth our dentists typically recommend the use of one of the following treatments:

  • Crowns and dental implants. Strong, durable and natural looking correction for missing or severely damaged teeth.
  • Bridges and partial dentures. Affordable and efficient correction for the missing of several teeth in a row.
  • Full arch dentures. Replaces all of your damaged or missing teeth on either the top or bottom jaw.

Contact our office today to start the process for replacing your missing tooth.

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