Straight Talk about Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Wheeling WVThe root canal. It’s possibly the only dental treatment that most people would shy away from. Sure, there may be slight apprehension about getting a filling or crown; but root canal therapy is somewhat notorious. It is considered an incredibly unpleasant experience, according to jokes, stories, and well-meaning comedy skits. The thing is, all this poking fun at the root canal can lead many people to believe that root canal treatment is what “they” say it is. It’s not.

Root Canal Therapy and Pain

If we were to ask you what you thought of this procedure, you might instinctively say something about pain. This is the aspect of the root canal that is most misunderstood. People fear the root canal procedure because they have that perception of pain, of unpleasantness. We can only imagine how long stories about painful root canals have been circulating! This procedure has been around for more than 150 years, and it’s quite possible that the connotation of treatment being painful originated far before the techniques we use today were developed.

When we perform root canal therapy today, we use a generous amount of local anesthetic; numbing medication that has performed very well for many years. Additionally, for patients of our Glen Dale office, there is an option to add sedation services to treatment to facilitate complete physical and emotional comfort.

Root Canal Therapy with No Pain

There is another way that root canal therapy is associated with pain. First, people assume that treatment itself is painful (we assure you, it’s not). Second, there is also an assumption that a tooth that needs this degree of treatment will hurt. That’s why you see the dentist, right? Teeth that develop an infection at their center don’t always present pain. There are times when x-rays are responsible for revealing evidence of infection. This can feel like an unwelcome surprise, understandably.

Whether injury to the core of a tooth manifests as a toothache or hidden decay, our priority is to restore the tooth to an optimally healthy and stable condition as quickly and comfortably as possible.

Let’s work together to reduce the risk of tooth infection by maintaining routine dental care. Call our office at (304) 845-2480 to schedule your checkup and cleaning.

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