The Benefits of Minimal Sedation Dentistry

  • Posted on: Nov 15 2014
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The dentists and professional staff at Wylie Dental Care understand that many patients become anxious when visiting the dentists’ office. For some patients they are simply adverse to having work performed inside their mouths, while others are adverse to the needles or dental drills that may be required as part of treatment for a dental restoration.

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No matter what your reason for being nervous or even fearful when visiting our office, rest assured that we will make your comfort and relaxation a top priority for any dental visit. Advances in modern dentistry offer many solutions for easing your anxiety in the dental chair.

Minimal sedation is one of these advances and allows even the most fearful patient to relax during his or her dental treatment. Not only does this help the patient’s well being but it also saves them time and money. Some patients that are extremely bothered by dental treatment may have to spread their treatments out over several visits in order to manage their stress levels. This really leads to even more stress, multiple office visits to pay for, and even more time away from school, work or other activities.

With conscious sedation you are awake and can respond to instructions, however you will have very little recollection of your procedure afterwards. Our clinic is proud to offer either nitrous oxide or oral medications for achieving minimal sedation.

Don’t let fear keep you from much needed preventative or restorative dental care. Contact our office today to learn more about minimal sedation.

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