What to Let Your Dentist Know Before Having Dental Sedation

Here at our Wheeling dental practice, we understand that not all people are keen in visiting the dentist. In fact, there’s a word for it — dentophobia or odontophobia. Dental fears vary; it could be the dental tools, the ominous-looking mask of the dentist, or the hissing sound of the suction apparatus. The good news is that advances in dentistry has made it possible for patients to undergo minimal sedation for an anxiety-free dental experience.

While we will do everything on our end to make sure that you are comfortable during your minimal sedation, we also encourage you to do your part to ensure success and safety of the procedure. One of the things that you can do include full disclosure of the following: 

  • past and present medical conditions that you are treated for
  • past and present medications you’re taking, including over-the-counter medications, herbal remedies, and alternative supplements
  • smoking habits
  • alcohol consumption
  • any special preferences in your diet and/or recent food consumption; one excellent example is the seemingly harmless grapefruit. It has been found out that certain enzymes in grapefruit can interfere with your body’s ability to break down enzymes in certain oral sedatives

Quick Guide to Overcoming Dental Fears (Apart from Minimal Sedation)

Aside from choosing to have minimal sedation before dentistry, the following steps can also help you get past your dental anxiety:

  • Talk to us about your fears.
  • Have some distractions like reading a good book while waiting for your turn or listening to your favorite podcast.
  • Let us know if you need a break in between procedures. We can come up with a dental plan that incorporates breaks or hand signals if you want to say something during the procedure.

Dr. Wylie and the rest of the team caters to residents of Glen Dale and the neighboring Ohio Valley region. For your queries or comments, we encourage you to call us at 304-845-2480 to schedule a personal consultation. You can also opt to fill out this contact form. We look forward to providing you with the smile you rightfully deserved!

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