Tips and Types of Conscious Sedation Glen Dale

It is an accepted fact that not all people are comfortable with undergoing a dental treatment. Whether the procedure is invasive or only minimally so, some people would even feel fear and loathing at the mere thought of going to a dental clinic. It is no wonder that there are numerous forms of dental phobias – some rational, others irrational. It is a known fact as well that today you have several options in battling dental fear. These options are generally termed as conscious sedation, which is a byproduct of the need and advances in modern dentistry.

If afraid of having a dental procedure for whatever reason but you need to undergo it for aesthetic or functional purpose, conscious sedation is a revolutionary solution for you. Imagine a successful dental operation undertaken without fear and anxiety on your part. During the oral fix, you will feel relaxed and comfortable. Furthermore, this is a non-invasive, simple solution: you are awake to respond to instructions and completely conscious during the procedure. It eliminates the concept of time, in other words.

At Highly Experienced Dentist Dr. Charles Wylie’s Dental Office in Glen Dale (WV), you have three sedation options. The kinds of Conscious Sedation  Glen Dale are Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas), Oral Sedation , and IV Sedation:

*Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas) is probably the most common type among the three and it takes effect immediately and its effect subsides quickly as well after the procedure is completed.

*Oral Sedation allows you to enter a very peaceful and deep form of relaxation, without putting you to sleep, but you will remember little to nothing about the procedure afterward.

*Also known as “twilight sedation”, IV Sedation is administered through the IV into the blood. The medication effect is felt within minutes, but you remain awake and can respond to instructions so what may take hours will magically seem like minutes to you. This provides partial or complete memory loss about the procedure, and its effect may take a little extra time to subside.

Whatever your choice of sedation, Dr. Wylie will encourage you to bring a friend to help you with traveling to and from the dental office. This is to avoid any untoward incident no matter how mild the dizziness you feel after the dental procedure.

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