Use Sedation Dentistry to Have a Better Patient Experience in the Dental Chair

Sedation Dentistry Glen Dale, WVAt Wylie Dental Care, patients in the area of Glen Dale, WV have to opportunity to learn about sedation dentistry. When it comes to visiting the dentist, many adults have dental anxiety. We understand that it can be uncomfortable having treatments performed on your teeth, which is why we are proud to offer effective sedation methods to choose from to make your next appointment a more positive experience.

We offer three methods of sedation for patient consideration:

•Nitrous Oxide Sedation

•IV Sedation

•Pill Conscious Sedation

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Patients with mild to moderate anxieties, or even patients with a strong reflex, can use nitrous oxide to improve their experience. Nitrous oxide is a special colorless, odorless gas that can be used to put patients at ease almost immediately. It is administered through the nose using a special device and can be reversed with oxygen. Patients with nitrous oxide sedation will feel relaxed during their appointment and will be able to drive themselves to and from the office on their own.

IV Sedation

Another option for sedation is IV sedation. This is a means of administering sedation through an IV in the arm. Patients will sometimes be “put under” with IV sedation or fall asleep on their own as they relax. Patients are monitored throughout the procedure with IV sedation, and when the procedure is complete, the IV is ceased.

Pill Conscious Sedation

With pill conscious sedation, patients take a prescribed pill before their visit, approximately thirty minutes before arriving. They arrange transportation to and from their appointment and will feel completely at ease throughout. We recommend pill conscious sedation for patients who have moderate to severe anxieties.

Learn more about sedation dentistry at Wylie Dental Care!

Call the practice of Dr. Charles L. Wylie today to book an appointment and learn about the benefits of using sedation dentistry to make your next visit to the dental chair much more relaxing! We welcome new and existing patients to call our office at (304) 845-2480 and visit at 1589 Wheeling Avenue. Glen Dale, WV patients, can explore their options with our team of professionals.

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