Brightening the Smile with the KoR Deep Bleaching System at Wylie Dental Care

Teeth Whitening Wheeling, WVA dull, discolored smile can make patients feel self-conscious about how they look when they are socializing with others. However, it doesn’t have to stay! When patients are dealing with discoloration of the smile or even just a lack of white, bright tooth enamel, they are welcome to book an appointment with Dr. Charles L. Wylie to decide if they are right for professional whitening solutions!

KoR Deep Bleaching System

At Wylie Dental Care in Glen Dale, WV, patients have access to professional brightening options including the popular KoR Deep Bleaching System. This is a specialized treatment that is only available at dental practices for bleaching the smile. This system is popular because it works! It provides fast whitening results while also ensuring long-lasting brightness. Patients can use the trays at home for gradually whitening the smile or may want to consider our in-office power bleaching treatment that allows for a whiter smile in just one visit to the practice! During a consultation visit, we will work with patients to help them learn about each treatment solutions and to determine candidacy.

Who is a candidate for professional whitening treatments?

It is important that patients visit the office of Wylie Dental Care to undergo an initial evaluation to determine if they are appropriate candidates for brightening the smile with this method. Patients with restorations such as veneers, bridges, or dental crowns may want to discuss with their dentist if they can still undergo treatment. It is essential that patients understand that these restorations will not whiten along with the natural tooth enamel and may need to be replaced.

Interested in learning more about teeth bleaching solutions?

Contact Dr. Charles L. Wylie of Wylie Dental Care in Glen Dale, WV to discuss your options! Professional whitening treatments far exceed the results of over-the-counter alternatives and can be a wonderful investment in the beauty of the smile! Schedule an appointment by calling the front office team at (304) 845-2480 and visiting the practice conveniently located at 1589 Wheeling Avenue. Our team is here to assist with general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry solutions!

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