We Can Give you a Bright Smile and Help You Keep It

Teeth Whitening Wheeling, WV Humankind has always had a thing for good teeth. The innate desire for a full mouth of shining white teeth has fueled the quest to find dental solutions long before dentistry was a formal profession. Now that we do have formal dental education and training, and have decades of practical experience and, yes, trial and error, behind us, we can achieve the results we want with relative ease. For example, we now know what causes teeth to become discolored, and we know what to do about it.

Getting Your Best Smile

When patients of our Glen Dale office express discontent with the appearance of their smile, it is often a mere reset that is needed. Professional teeth whitening is a great way to set a new baseline for radiance (and confidence). This technique works by penetrating the pores of enamel where debris has accumulated. When the mild peroxide solution sits within the pores along with debris, stain molecules are broken up. As they disintegrate, the color of teeth naturally lightens. Getting a great smile doesn’t take much time or investment, and we love helping patients do this. Additionally, we offer suggestions on keeping the smile in excellent condition.

Keeping Your Best Smile

You may realize that the discoloration you see in your smile wasn’t a gift from Mother Nature. Our teeth stain because food particles settle beneath the surface of enamel. Therefore, it is virtually impossible to keep teeth beautifully white for a lifetime without a little help now and then. While the results of professional teeth whitening don’t typically last indefinitely, they can be easily maintained.

  • Sip water after meals, moving some in between and over teeth at the front of the mouth. Brushing too soon after eating could lead to abrasions and erosion. Rinsing, on the other hand, gently disrupts debris so it washes away rather than seeps into the enamel.
  • Add crunchy vegetables like cucumber and celery to your plate. These are natural cleansers that also have sufficient water content to dilute sugar and other residues that could cause dental woes.
  • Be diligent about brushing and flossing your teeth every day, and about seeing the dentist for professional cleanings. The cleanings performed in the office are effective at polishing away surface stains.

Teeth whitening isn’t a once-and-done event. This treatment can reset your smile. From then on, your habits determine your happiness with your appearance. Remember, touch-up treatments can be obtained periodically as needed.

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