Teens Want Whiter Teeth, Too!

Teeth Whitening Glen Dale, WVWe all recognize the beauty of a brilliantly white smile. We love to see them, and we want to have one for ourselves. This desire for aesthetic beauty is reflected in the popularity of teeth whitening as a professional cosmetic treatment. Adults of all ages have been seeing their dentist for teeth whitening for years, so why wouldn’t we expect for discerning teens to want a ride on that bandwagon, too?

Teens are under no less scrutiny than the average adult. That means that this age group also carries the stress of wanting to look good and feel good. Teeth whitening may be the door that a teen needs to walk through to gain greater confidence. According to science, this may be very possible.

The Caveat: Tooth Development

There are few things that would stand in the way of a teen getting successful teeth whitening treatment. The primary factor that dentists look at is the development of tooth structure. During the first several years that permanent teeth are developing, the roots and nerves beneath the surface are quite reactive. Sensitivity is more likely to occur during the teeth whitening process. Fortunately, most teens have completed the oral development stage by age 14. After this time, and a thorough exam, teeth may be successfully whitening with minimal, if any, side effects.

The Next Question . . .

Now that we know most teens can safely undergo teeth whitening, the next question that must be answered is “how?” There are several options, or so it seems . . .

  • Whitening toothpaste. Most toothpaste products that we see on the shelves have the term “whitening” on the label. What this means is that the product will polish enamel with tiny particles and rub the surface. Will this build sheen? Yes. Removing stains, however, is another story.
  • Whitening strips. Store-bought whitening strips are convenient, and some contain up to 23% peroxide concentration. This may be good for very slight staining. However, the downside to strips is that they rarely stay put. The whitening gel gets on the tongue and on the gums, where it is of no use whatsoever. This can irritate, and will certainly diminish results.
  • Professional whitening. Dentist-supervised whitening intends to achieve dramatic results in a short period while also protecting vulnerable tissues. Our specific system includes a custom-fit whitening tray that keeps whitening gel in, and saliva out. The higher concentration of peroxide means greater absorption for faster, more noticeable whitening.

Teens and adults of all ages are welcome to learn more about teeth whitening in our Glen Dale office. Call 304-845-2480 to schedule your consultation.

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