Treatment for Your TMJ

Are you beginning to feel stiffness in your jaw joint? Are you hearing a clicking or popping sound when you open and close your mouth to eat or even speak?

If you are experiencing either of these symptoms or have other unusual stiffness in your neck, shoulders or headaches – these may all be symptoms of TMJ. TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint disorder that is a very common condition in adult dental patients. Jaw popping, pain, and stiffness are the most common symptoms of TMJ.

TMJ may be caused by an abnormality in your bite, or by overworked jaw muscles, or even from grinding your teeth in your sleep. These causes are not always prevalent to patients, so you may not realize they are even occurring until your jaw pain has set in. In many instances, TMJ discomfort is intermittent and resolves on its own. However, if your condition is becoming more frequent or painful it may be time to visit Wylie Dental Care for professional treatment.

Your dentist will take x-rays of your jaw joint and examine your mouth. With this information, he or she can create a customized treatment plan to alleviate your jaw pain. Treatment often involves over the counter or in rare cases, prescription pain relievers, orthodontic treatment or a mouth guard, as well as physical therapy.

If your TMJ has progressed to the level that you need professional treatment, contact Wylie Dental Center today.

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