Bleeding Gums? Have a Dental Check Up!

Bleeding gums are signs of gum disease and it can also point to some possible health problems.  Treatment of your gum disease, which is the leading cause for gum bleeding, can be handled by your general dentist in Glen Dale through Dr. Charles Wylie.  Dr. Wylie can diagnose the root cause of your bleeding gums at his dental office in Glen Dale.

It is important to note that healthy gums don’t bleed.  In fact, your gums don’t bleed when you brush them unless you have a cut in your mouth.  Yet, the common causes for gum bleeding includes the following:

  • Over Brushing – can damage your gums when you put too much force with your brush when you clean your teeth.
  • Diseases – such as leukemia and heart problems
  • Vitamin Deficiency – deficiencies in vitamin K and C
  • Gingivitis or Periodontitis – can make your gums sensitive and more prone to bleeding
  • Other Causes – pregnancy and medications

Your first immediate action when you experience gum bleeding is to improve your oral hygiene.  If bleeding still persists, you have to visit your dentist for a dental examination that may include cleanings and treatments.  During your dental examination, your gums may bleed easily on probing with your dentist if you have a gum disease.  Your dentist through diagnosis will determine the right treatment with your dental problem and find out if dental health is really the underlying issue causing your bleeding gums.

Don’t ignore your bleeding gums since if left untreated some diseases associated with it can progress.  Keep in touch with Dr. Charles Wiley now at Wyle Dental Care in Glen Dale

Call us today at 304-845-2480 to schedule your dental checkup in Glen Dale!

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