A Brilliant White Smile with Kör Teeth Whitening

Are you one of those who are in the pursuit of whiter teeth to look your best with your smiles?  Here at our Glen Dale dental office called Wylie Dental Care, we offer the most effective teeth whitening system in Glen Dale and the surrounding areas of West Virginia.  Kör Deep Bleaching Whitening System is a superior type of teeth whitening technique that will provide you deeper effects and longer lasting or permanent results.

Since the introduction of the first at-home teeth whitening products in the 1980’s, most of the people have viewed teeth whitening as the hottest thing in cosmetic dentistry.  The number of people who are continuously seeking for whiter teeth is expected to keep rising.  Currently, there are varieties of teeth whitening systems offered for teeth whitening.

The most popular teeth whitening sources are: over-the-counter teeth whitening products, at-home teeth whitening prescribed by the dentists and an in-office teeth whitening at the dentist’s office.  However, with Kör Teeth Whitening system at Wylie Dental Care, provided by Dr. Charles Wylie and the rest of the dental professional team members gives you the following options:

  • Take Home Whitening
  • Max Deep Bleach
  • Max Ultra Deep Bleach
  • In-Office Power Bleach

Kör Teeth Whitening system is the most effective teeth whitening system in the world as it can offer a permanent effect.  Hence, you can confidently smile with your white pearls.  Deep seated stains and discolorations of the teeth caused by foods and beverages can be effectively removed with this whitening system.  Dr. Wylie can help you determine the right treatment for you.

Call Wylie Dental Care today at 304-845-2480 to schedule your teeth whitening consultation in Glen Dale!

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