Can Dentures Make You Feel Confident?

Wearing a denture for the first time may take some getting used to with the normal way of talking, eating or biting.  That is why the dental office in Glen Dale owned by Dr. Charles Wylie makes sure that your denture fitting is precisely accurate and comfortable.  Dentures can help you feel more confident after a little adjustment and getting used to it.

You may feel nervous and not sure of what to expect when it is your first time for a denture.  However, it is through your smile that the first thing that the people will notice about you and dentures can closely resemble the look of your natural teeth.  There is a little change of the appearance since what people will notice is your new smile.

During your first day of wearing a denture, you may experience some of these:

  • Difficulty in speaking or pronouncing words – if your dentures click when you talk just try to talk more slowly.  There are some sound changes because of your dentures and may be more noticeable to you than the person you are talking to.  With practice and getting used to, your mouth and its muscles can adjust and you can overcome the difficulties of speaking.
  • Feel loose – this feeling will fade as soon as you get accustomed to your denture.  A denture adhesive may help with this situation.
  • Denture occasionally slips – try a small amount of denture adhesive to secure your denture and if it does not help go to your dentist for some proper adjustments.
  • Lost flavor in the food – is normal at first and after getting used to the denture your mind will pay less attention to your dentures and resume to focus on the taste buds.

Denture wearing adjustment may take up to just a week only.  After this adjustment, you will feel normal with your denture and you can smile more confidently every day.

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