Dental Phobia? Calm Down with Laughing Gas

Dental phobia is a serious condition since it prevents people from visiting their dentist and from getting the dental care they need.  Fortunately, you can now save your dental health with the aid of laughing gas in Glen Dale, WV at the Glen Dale dental office owned by Dr. Charles Wylie.  Laughing gas can help you relax during your dental procedure while you remain awake and alert throughout your dental treatment.

Laughing gas is a slightly sweet tasting, odorless and colorless gas which is also called Nitrous Oxide or N2O.  Inhaling a laughing gas before each dental procedure is not only beneficial for the patient but also for the dentist.  Laughing gas can produce a calming effect to the patient and this can allow the dentist to perform the dental procedure well since the patient is more comfortable and relaxed without fear or anxiety.

Laughing gas provides the following benefits:

  • Easy – inhaled through a mask without the use of a needle
  • Safe – extremely safe for all ages as it has been utilized by dentists for millions of patients
  • Rapid effect – dental phobia may leave you within seconds.

Patients with dental phobia are usually supplemented with laughing gas which is very helpful to relax and relieve patients with their treatment sessions with their dentist.  Laughing gas has been used in dentistry for over 150 years already.  The anxiety reducing effects start immediately after the first inhalation.  There is no injection or needles needed and you will only feel a mild tingling and pleasant sensation during the mask inhalation.  After the dental procedure, your dentist will just simply remove the mask and the effects will immediately disappear.

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