Why do Dentists Extract Your Tooth?

A tooth may be extracted for several reasons after your consultation with a dentist.  Tooth extraction in Glen Dale, WV at the dental office of Dr. Charles Wylie are precisely done with care for the patient after a thorough examination that extraction is really advisable for the patient.  While your dentist will do all the necessary procedures to save your tooth, there are some situations that will call for a tooth extraction after a proper analysis and recommendation.  The following are some of the circumstances that your dentist will recommend a tooth extraction:

  • Wisdom teeth removal is necessary when :
    • wisdom teeth partially emerge through the gums
    • un-erupted wisdom teeth are expected to damage the other teeth
    • a fluid filled sac develops around un-erupted wisdom tooth
  • Root Canal – because the tooth is too badly damaged or decayed
  • Baby tooth removal – to make way for the permanent tooth to come into place better
  • Loss – of supporting gums, bone and tissue
  • Orthodontic treatment

Tooth extraction is the last option since varieties of dental advances are available today as an alternative for tooth removal to save your tooth.  Root canal treatment can help treat your infected center of the tooth and save it from extraction.  A good dentist will try to save your tooth or teeth first with the different methods available in dental restoration or reconstruction before removing it.  But, this will depend upon the problem with your tooth or teeth as your dentist may see fit in your condition.

Talk to Dr. Wylie regarding your dental concern.  Tooth extraction is a common treatment that you should not worry about.

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