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Advances in dentistry have brought us a revolutionary solution to being afraid of the dentist. Minimal sedation is a procedure that eliminates the anxiety that most feel when attending the dentist. Minimal sedation can also reduce the amount of visits if you have a lot of dental work to be done. Minimal sedation is a non-invasive, simple solution to assist in having your dental work done. Minimal sedation lets you experience complete relaxation during your dental visit and eliminates the concept of time. Procedures that take hours to complete can feel like minutes. During procedures you are completely conscious and awake and you can respond to instructions. However, when you fully recover, you will not remember the sights sounds and smells of being at the dentist. At Wylie Dental Care we offer three forms of Minimal sedation.

Dr Wylie is also Class 3B Sedation licensed, which enables him to perform IV conscious sedation also known as minimal sedation or pill conscious sedation also called minimal sedation.

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Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

This is a commonly used practice comes in the form of a gas that you breath. A mixture of nitrogen and Oxygen elicits a calming effect and relaxes the body, allowing you to be awake but anxiety free. Because Nitrous Oxide is administered with oxygen it takes affect immediately, and it also subsides quickly when the procedure is completed.

Minimal Sedation

At Wylie Dental Care, we offer a medication in the form of a pill that promotes relaxation. This Allows Dr. Wylie to repair years of damage in a matter of hours, reducing the amount of procedures a patient needs. This procedure helps you enter a very peaceful deep form of relaxation, without putting you to sleep. You will remain conscious through the procedure able to respond, but you will remember little to nothing about the procedure afterwards. This form of sedation takes a little extra time to subside, so we encourage you to bring a friend to help you with traveling to and from the dental office.


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